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Don't Forget the Details switchplates

We can also paint switchplates or outlet covers to match your Dreamwalls Color Glass installation.

We cut and bevel them to perfection from low-iron glass so that the color matches and allows for a visually unified end result.

Click here to download a pdf of the most commonly offered sizes and configurations of outlet covers and switchplates that we coat everyday.




Dreamwalls Color Glass is manufactured using a propietary paint technolgy developed specifically for superior adhesion to glass.

The color possibilities are limitless due to a computerized intermix system and our trained staff of color experts who ensure that the color you specify is the color you see. You choose a color from any color deck you use in your day-to-day business, and our experts can match it.

After the glass is coated with our unique paint, it is heat-cured and coated again with a backing paint for additional protection that is also heat-cured. This ensures that the paint remains durable during handling and fabrication to reduce the liklihood of stratches and cut-throughs.

Stock sizes are in standard dimensions of 84 in. x 130 in., 42 in. x 130 in., and 65 in. x 84 in. However, our largest size capability is 96 in. x 144. Incredibly large sheets of glass are a specialty that we handle every day.

Or normal thickness is 1/4 in. (6mm), however, thickness range from 1/8 in. (3mm) to 1 in. (25mm) are possible.

Dreamwalls Color Glass in custom shapes, with drilled holes and cut-outs, tempered and laminated glass are all available upon request.

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