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Color glass starts with extremely high-quality, low-iron glass. This is a glass with less blue-green tint of regular glass, so that the color you specify is the color you see. This is especially important to create whites that are true white instead of aqua, on any pastel colors like a pale yellow, and so that the reds stay vibrant and aren't neutralized in any way. We then clean each sheet of glass to mirror-quality specifications, which is the highest standard in the industry.


The custom-mixed color is applied to the second surface (the back) of the glass in a controlled, uniform thickness without any messy foreign particles. Due to our computerized color-mixing system, color results are accurate and repeatable, days, weeks or years into the future. The color is also checked for accuracy with a state-of-the-art spectrometer.


Gardner Glass Products heat cures the paint layer through carefully monitored ovens to allow the paint to cure strong, without becoming brittle. This is important for the fabrication step of cutting and edging, because if the paint is too brittle, it will chip along a cut and leave a ragged edge. A little flexibility in the final product allows the cut to be clean. However, a coating that is too flexible can peel off, there's a true science in coating-to-glass technology that we take very seriously in achieving the fine balance.


The color layer is protected with an extremely durable backing paint layer that not only protects the color layer from scratches during handling, but also adds to the opacity of the color - so that no mastics or wall flaws show through the front of the the installation. This two-coat process is unique to the industry and keeps the color safe from harm after it leaves our factory.


The last step involves heat-curing both the color layer and the backing paint layer together. This creates a bond that makes the entire process final. Dreamwalls Color Glass cuts clean and remains stable throughout the life of the product. This final heat-curing step also burns off any remaining VOCs from the product so that outgassing at the final destination is eliminated. Gardner continually tests product to ensure that the quality is to the standard we expect.

Our two-coat, heat-cured process is what separates our coatings from all the rest with an exceptionally high-quality, durable, and stable product.

See our testing results in our Technical Docs page to see just how durable Dreamwalls Color Glass really is.

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